Menu Planning Through The Holidays Ebook

Just in time for another hectic holiday season, I’ve just put the finishing touches on my Menu Planning Through The Holidays Ebook. While I created this under the business name for my health coaching website, I thought what better place to share it than right here on my cooking blog?

I always find that when my schedule is filling up, the easiest way for me to stay on track with my healthy habits is to keep consistent with my menu plan. That means honing in each and every week to set intentions for what I’ll be eating, shopping for all the ingredients I’ll need that week and then…. the hardest part – sticking to it!

If you want to hang on to your sanity AND your waistline through the holiday season like I do, check out my new ebook for just $7 (yes, I said $7) by clicking the image below.

Menu Planning Through The Holidays


Do you enjoy menu planning? Do you think the holidays make it easier or harder to stick to your plans?

Summer Summer

These past few months have been a blur… again. It feels like I’m consistently coming back to this blog to say the exact same thing – that I’m busy, that life has been going quickly, and that I have still been eating (and cooking) some great meals – but haven’t gotten around to sharing them.

So here’s the deal… I have been busy. As you know, I completed my health coach training program in May. Since then, I have been working to grow this business. To be fully transparent, it has been a little more tricky than I anticipated – and I think I finally figured out why. In my time in the program, I also was sitting behind my computer trying to learn the ins and outs of all the technology involved in setting up programs, email marketing systems and understanding social media for my business. Through all my learning and discovering, I realized I was actually MORE satisfied sitting behind my screen doing the techy stuff than wanting to “get out there” and spread my health coaching message.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m still 100% over the moon about health coaching and living a full and healthy life, whatever that may mean to someone. What I did discover was that I was spending a ton of time on Facebook and email connecting with other health coaches to help them get THEIR programs off the ground, all the while not having very many clients myself. So what am I getting at with all of this? Well, I started another venture. This time I’m working with health coaches to get their tech issues solved. It’s mostly a specialized consulting-type thing for now, but truth be told, it’s the most I’ve ever felt in my element. I’m getting “out there” with all of it and I am crazy excited about helping other coaches take their businesses to the next level so they can spread the message I’m also so passionate about.

This means that I’ve been blogging less, yes. Here and on my health coaching site. I’m realizing each and every day that although I don’t have a formal “job” that my days are more jam-packed full than any time I ever spent time in a cubicle. That’s really exciting and also – because this is a funny quirky personality trait of mine – overwhelming. I’m the type of person who needs their space and time to reflect and recharge regularly – probably more than the average person. So know that with every amazing meal I’ve cooked and eaten, that I am always thinking of coming back here to share it… and then time slips away again and I forget.

Without going in to any details, I’ve also had a number of personal family things come up in the past few months as well – which makes for getting a business started tricky (and keeping updated on my blogs). I hope you’re still here even after all that Google Reader mess. I’ll try to keep coming back with delicious things to share soon! xoxo

Ebook Bundle Of The Week (Mine Is Included!)

Today I wanted to share with you something awesome! My blogging friend, Mandi Ehman, launched a new website this year called Bundle Of The Week, where she rounds up five ebooks within one topic each week and sells them at a great discounted price. What’s awesome about this is that instead of having to search high and low for ebooks that may be relevant to what you’re looking for, Mandi has done all the heavy lifting and is offering five excellent ebooks (all of which she has personally vetted) to share with you.

I’m excited to say that she reached out to me and my ebook is in this week’s bundle on the topic of cooking basics. This week’s bundle takes you back to the basics with 5 cooking resources to help you meal plan, create your own recipes, make homemade condiments and reduce waste. With a little planning, you can save time and money in your kitchen, and this week only get all 5 ebooks for just $7.40, or 85% off their list price!

bundle of the week

Here are the ebooks that are included in this week’s bundle:

How To Cook For Yourself by Rachael Roehmholdt
How To Cook For Yourself: A Complete Beginner’s Guide is your guide to meal planning, grocery store strategizing, and learning the ins and outs of cooking basics and techniques. Rachel takes you through the entire process of selecting meals, grocery shopping, and getting a great meal on the table in no time. Learn how to cook for yourself in a way that is simple and can easily integrate with your life, right now!

Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil by Mary Platis and Laura Bashar
Cooking Techniques with Olive Oil is a fabulous resource for cooks of all experience, from the novice to the professional. With detailed descriptions, a variety of recipes for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, and plenty of beautiful and vivid photographs, Mary and Laura show you how to poach, braise, marinate, infuse, and even bake with olive oil!

Restocking the Pantry by Kresha Faber
Making your own condiments isn’t difficult! Restocking the Pantry is packed with nearly 75 pages of recipes and tips, and Kresha shows you exactly how easy it is – not to mention frugal and healthy – to make your own favorites at home, including ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, jellied cranberry sauce, hot sauce and more, for a total of 55 recipes!

Design a Dish by Millie Copper
In Design a Dish, Millie shows you how to use formulas rather than recipes to design dishes with the ingredients that are available so that you can reduce food waste and save money! Once you start using formulas for your meals you will discover just how easy it is to nourish your family for less!

From Garbage to Gourmet by Carrie Isaac
From Garbage to Gourmet features more than 80 recipes and creative ideas for using things like broccoli stalks, potato peels, carrot ends, herb stems, corn cobs, and more, plus hundreds of strategies to help you prevent food waste and create delicious food out of things you normally throw away. Carrie has taken the strategies she’s learned in her quest to reduce waste and stretch her budget and packaged them in a beautiful ebook that will make you forget you’re reading about food waste!

The Cooking Basics bundle is only available through 8am EST on Monday, 7/22. Get yours today:

Available at 8am EST on Monday, 7/1.

Want to get your hands on these awesome resources? Purchase them here for only $7.40., 5 eBooks for $7.40!

I hope you’re having an excellent day!

An Early Summer? Update

It’s been a little cricket-y over here the past few weeks, hasn’t it? I’d say “I’ve been busy” – but I’m sure you’ve already gathered as much. I have to be honest – there haven’t been any fancy meals or new recipes coming out of my kitchen lately. And the ones that have been new, I haven’t taken the time to take photos of.

Instead of giving you the rundown of where I’ve been – I figured I’d show you a little bit of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

desktop 2

I completely refreshed my health coaching website – design, email offer and copy. It’s much more colorful and lively now – and more reflective of who I am as a coach and a person.

desktop 1

Filling my desk with a million notes – that will most likely be written then forgotten about. You can probably see that I’m a huge unorganized mess with my  zillion sticky notes. I always think I’ll come up with a way to be more organized and yet it never happens. This is what my desk looks like about 95% of the time so I’m pretty sure there’s no hope on that front. My sticky notes are probably just as scattered as my brain sometimes.

Chocolate Smoothie

Concocting all sorts of delicious treats in my new Vitamix - a million smoothies, this healthy vegan chocolate “milk shake” (crazy delicious), cashew nacho cheese, and hummus. I should probably start writing some of these things down so I can share them on here..

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Celebrating! (& A New Vitamix!)

Hello there. It’s been a few weeks since I last updated. I’ve been busy finishing up my health coach training program & celebrating! That’s right – I completed IIN and have been busy working on revisiting my website, creating a brand new program, and overhauling my email newsletters. It’s an exciting time that I’ve been trying to relish in – hence the grasshoppers here on the site. (I wrote a blog post on the 5 things I learned while training to become a health coach here!)

Last weekend, my husband wrangled up all our family and threw me a little surprise celebratory lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants. It was such a sweet and generous thing for him to do and I couldn’t be more grateful. Sure, I had an idea that something was coming up – he’s not that great of a liar (which isn’t a bad thing!), but it was a really special day for us to all get together and celebrate. I wish I had a few photos to share with you, but since it was a surprise, I didn’t bring my camera along.

During the lunch, Tyler presented me with a framed version of my certificate and a brand new Vitamix that everyone had chipped in for!! I was over the moon excited and promised everyone a green smoothie each and every time they came over. Only my sister got excited at that idea – haha! I spent the entire rest of the afternoon planted on the couch watching the Vitamix DVD, reading through each and every recipe in the cookbook that came with it, and even watching a QVC special where they were selling them, so I could see them demonstrate some of the features. I’m a complete nerd, but I was in heaven. It couldn’t have been a better day to cap off all the hard work from this past year.

On that note, I’ve used it every single day this week, creating smoothies, sauces and soups. Some have been random things thrown in and others have been meticulously followed recipes from other websites. I wanted to share with you what we created for dinner two nights ago that has become one of my absolute favorites instantly. As you may know, I’ve been (or at least tried to be) gluten-free and (mostly) dairy-free for quite a few months now. It hasn’t been the easiest and I struggle all. the. time. with wanting to just grab a plate of mac and cheese or dive in to ice cream to get my fix. Of course when I do, I get the side effects that I had been dealing with for a long time just about instantaneously – so I immediately regret it. But I’ve tried to be more diligent lately. And that’s where this recipe comes in.

Vegan Mac & Cheese with Roasted Broccoli

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