Interesting Food Links for the Week of 2/17/2012

I come across a number of interesting articles every week, some of which I share on Twitter and Facebook. Here are some of the most interesting from this week:

  • 5 Ways to Clean Your Cutting Board
    A few good ideas for cleaning your cutting board that you may not have seen before.
  • Quick Tip: Freeze Citrus Zest
    A fantastic idea to keep winter citrus flavor preserved all year round.
  • Go to Guide for the Perfect Green Smoothie
    I have been drinking green smoothies religiously the last few weeks trying to get over a bug. My go to green smoothie recipe: 2 handfuls spinach + 1/2 container blueberries + 4 counts of orange juice + 4 counts of water + 1 packet stevia. Makes getting my fruit and vegetable servings in so much easier and keeps my energy up throughout the day.
  • Buh-Bye Food Pyramid,¬†Hello Healthy Plate
    A fantastic way to think about how your plate comes together, so you’re getting all the good stuff your body needs each day.
  • Want to eat a BIG bowl of cookie dough?
    I have made this twice and can tell you that if you like cookie dough, this recipe is out of this world!! Amazingly, it’s even a little bit good for you, and you will never ever guess what the secret ingredient is or¬†taste it once the recipe comes together. Seriously. Make this. Your mind will be blown.

What are some of your best finds this week?